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The Comfort Cottage is a private, confidential haven for widows that offers them time and a safe place to grieve and get equipped for life after the loss of their spouse. Our comfortable and spacious property is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing the peaceful and supportive environment widows and their children need at such a critical time.

Services Include

  • Widows and their families are able to stay at The Comfort Cottage while grieving

  • Biblically based counseling

  • Serene landscape with walking path open for widows 7 days a week 

  • 24-hour on site care 

A Note From Our Founder

I was 12 years old when my father died. At my father’s gravesite, his family demanded my mother, my 8 siblings, and I leave the property his family owned, thereby leaving us with nowhere to go. I never saw the church, or the government come to our aid. Now, not only was my mother faced with raising 9 children on her own but had to take on the responsibility of finding a place to live and deciding where the family would go from here. She immediately had to put her own grief on hold and kick into survival mode. She did everything she possibly could to make sure my 8 siblings and I had a normal life. The funeral happened on Saturday, and we were back at school on Monday. As an adult, I often revisit the times of hearing my mother pray, seeing her on her knees, reading her Bible, and caring for the needs of others. It was a heavy burden to bear. Now, as an adult, I strive to do all I can to make sure no widow and no child of a widow feels the loneliness my mother felt, and thus, the Comfort Cottage was born.  


I have always prayed that the Father would lead me to a property in which to house widows. The first answer to prayer was a historical property our ministry had in a residential area. The individual in charge of the property allowed our ministry to use it at no charge. However, unbeknownst to me, the bank had filed foreclosure, causing our ministry to be evicted. I did not know about it until it was too late, for the city had removed and destroyed all our furniture, files, clothes, products, etc., causing a significant setback in the life of our ministry. 


It was not until several years later that I asked the Father to lead me to another property for His widows. It was my prayer that the property would be spacious and allow for growth for us to do His work. He answered my prayer. While I was in the local Walmart to have my car serviced, a man came up to the counter asking for assistance regarding something to maintain his 7-acre property. After talking with him, he mentioned his property was about five minutes away and agreed to let me come see it. As I was driving behind him, I found myself in an area to which I had never been. When I pulled up, I saw a beautiful property with plenty of acres. I walked the property and began talking with the Father about His Promise that every place the sole of my feet shall tread would be given to me. Even though I tried to partner with the man who I believed to be the owner of the property, the Father never allowed it. Eventually, I lost contact with him, but I never forgot the property. The Father told me to leave the property and not return. 


Years later, the Father told me to call the county tax office regarding the property. I was surprised to learn the man I believed to be the owner was not nor had he ever been the owner. The property was owned by someone else. As I was on my way from the local Walmart, the Father told me to pass by the property. When I arrived, I saw a sign that said, “for sale by owner.” I drove away without getting the posted phone number. The Father told me to go back and call the posted number. When I did, I saw two men coming toward the fence, one of whom had answered his phone. I asked if he was the owner, to which he responded, I am. He then asked if I was the young lady sitting in the car in front of the property, to which I responded, I am. I began explaining to him everything that had happened when I first saw the property. He asked me to come in and see the residence. When I went inside, to my dismay, it was a mess, in complete disorder and disarray. I figured I must have made a mistake because there was no way the Father wanted this kind of property for Himself. The Father reminded of me of Nehemiah and told me the residence could be cleaned and renovated. The residence was a single-story with large rooms and plenty of acres, not far from my personal residence, exactly what I had prayed for from the Father.  

When the owner and I sat down in the garage, I asked if I could pray before we talked, to which he responded, yes. After I prayed, I told him the story of how the Father led me to this property and what the Father had told me. The owner said he and his wife were going on a cruise and we could talk more when they returned. I asked him whether my Board Members could come and look at the property, to which he responded yes, and to my surprise, he gave me the key to the property. When my Board Members came to look at the property, they asked me if I was really sure this was the property, to which I responded it would look different when we cleaned it up. Upon the owner’s return from the cruise, he told me to keep the key and clean the property as if it were mine. Now we are purchasing the property from the owner.


In closing, Matthew 6:6 states when we pray in secret, the Father will openly reward us. The Comfort Cottage is an open reward for what I prayed in secret. The Father has begun a good work in us and He will complete it. 

In His Service,

Downie Craig

If you are a widow in need of support, please reach out to us. We would like to see how we can assist you.

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