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An exciting board game that makes learning the scriptures fun and easy. Players move along the path racing to be the first to "The Kingdom" by answering trivia questions based on bible scriptures. Correct answers allow players to move ahead. Incorrect answers send the player to BIBLE STUDY, SUNDAY SCHOOL, THE CHAPEL or worse yet THE DARKNESS, causing them to lose turns. SPECIAL BLESSING and SHEPHARD HELPER give players help along the way and even a chance to help their fellow players if they choose. Players can take the easier long path or take the shorter path by answering more difficutl questions. 


For children ages 4 and up. 


The Kingdom Game

  • The Kingdom Game is a great gift for your children, grandchildren, church or anyone with children that would like to help them grow in the Word. The purchae of every game goes direclty to help support widows so it is a game that keeps giving. 

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